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[EN] AWARE: Mental Health Awareness in Prison

The AWARE Training Course, entitled “Mental Health Awareness in Prison”, is an e-Learning course created within the AWARE - Cross-sectoral Awareness Building on Mental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System and On Release project.

The project consortium (from different European countries, namely Portugal, Germany, Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria) has designed this initiative to mitigate the current training needs that non-specialised professionals feel regarding inmates’ mental health in prison establishments.

This course aims to raise awareness on the inmates’ mental health in correctional facilities, offering participants the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the area of mental health, specifically: defining health/mental illness and concepts of mental health, understanding the factors that influence mental health, and being aware of the difficulties associated with mental disease labels.

By acquiring and developing these skills, prison professionals will be better equipped to detect and offer practical support for inmates that suffer from mental health disorders during their imprisonment and after release, so better outcomes are verified for those within the Criminal Justice system, including reducing reoffending.

Who should attend?
• Prison staff
• Probation services
• Civil society organisations
• Volunteers who work with former inmates

Training modality
• e-Learning

• Working with inmates and/or ex-inmates

Course duration
Total: 3h30

Erasmus+ Project AWARE: Building awareness of mental health needs in the criminal justice system © 2018-2021 by AWARE Project Partnership is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Welcome to the “Mental Health Awareness in Prison” course
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 1: | Part I - Definition of mental health/illness
  • Chapter 1 | Part II - Definition of mental health/illness
  • Chapter 1 - Exercices
  • Chapter 1: Training Course Manual
  • Chapter 1: Feedback
  • Chapter 2: Understanding of the factors that influence mental health
  • Chapter 2: Exercises
  • Chapter 2: Training Course Manual
  • Chapter 2: Feedback
  • Chapter 3: Awareness of difficulties associated mental health illness
  • Chapter 3: Exercises
  • Chapter 3: Training Course Manual
  • Chapter 3: Feedback
  • Module I: Training Course Manual
  • Module I: Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed